The Store is a relatively new online shop.

We opened the Fall of 2017 and have started out as an online jeweler. As we grow in popularity we will expand our categories of products offered. The Store is a licensed business of Alternative Online Marketing, LLC

Our Name:

We choose the name “The Store” for this very reason. We intend to be a generic household name that people will remember and continue to shop online for all sorts of items.

In the future we hope the conversation will go something like this …. “Were did you order that (whatever you bought)?” “I bought it at the store, they are this really cool online site. Let me give you their address.”

Secure checkout:

We made sure to make The Store a safe place to shop. When you view the items you have added to your cart you will see in the upper left hand corner of your browsers address bar that our payment screen is an encrypted page to protect you will ordering online.


All orders come with FREE shipping.

Sales Tax:

We do not charge sales tax.

At The Store diversity is key.

Even though right now we only offer jewelry we offer all sorts of different types of jewelry. From rings to bracelets to necklaces to everything else jewelry we promise to provide many choices of good quality products at reasonable prices.